March 01, 2010 sold for $1 Million, most ever for .org domain

This is news for those interested in who bought who and for how much. There the latest buzz about Sedo which is a domain marketplace and they seemed to have brokered the largest sale of the .org domain to date.

This was brokered with respect to A-1 National Advertising. The domain had seemed have been sold to for a major huge sum of $1 million. Before even was sold, the domain that had sold for a larger sum was for which has sold for $198,000 which was followed by and then which is very less as compared to that sold the largest in .com sales. These huge sales hover around $5.1 million for as the had sold for almost $3 million.

The highest .com sale was that of which had sold for around $14 million where as was the second highest and it had sold for around $10 million. The numbers of sales and registrations for domain names have risen hugely in the last couple of years it is now almost 11% that was recorded in the first half of 2009 which was around the same as per recorded by At the moment there are 7 million .org domains that are waiting to be registered and this has bought the .org revolution head on. It has even been named as one of the largest domain extensions to be sold and is only a few sets behind the .com and .net.

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