December 05, 2007

Bodog ‘not subject to Nevada law’ rules Las Vegas magistrate

A federal magistrate in Las Vegas has ruled that Bodog is not subject to Nevada law and that founder Calvin Ayre is not required to appear before the court and thus cannot be found guilty of contempt of court.

In a ruling issued on 28 November, the magistrate denied a motion of contempt on the part of ‘patent troll’ 1st Technology, the company that won a ruling in Washington state which meant Bodog ‘lost’ its domain name.

Ayre said: “This has been an interesting case, and as it progresses, there seems to be plenty of compelling facts emerging. With the recent ruling in favour of the defence, I’m happy that it was also clarified by the judge that I am, by law, not personally in contempt of any order from the Nevada court.”

In Washington state, Bodog is in the process of “seeking clarity” on the law of domain-name ownership rights and whether they are property which can be subject to seizure.