April 23, 2010

Czech Republic tries to ban advertising from foreign gambling sites

Czech betting companies could get relief from international competition if a proposed amendment is passed that bans foreign online betting companies from advertising in the Czech Republic, but the ongoing debate reveals loopholes in European gambling law, experts say.

Online betting is an industry worth 29 billion Kč a year in the Czech Republic, with foreign online gambling companies - many of which are based in tax havens like Gibraltar and Malta - accounting for 4 billion Kč last year, according to the Association of Betting Service Providers. Czech tax laws require gambling companies operating in the country to make charitable contributions of up to 20 percent of revenues on top of normal taxes, giving companies operating with European licenses, but catering to Czech clients, a distinct advantage.

"These foreign online betting companies have no license from the Finance Ministry, and they pay no taxes in the Czech Republic, so we therefore support banning advertisement of foreign companies here," said Radek Ležatka, spokesman for the Finance Ministry.

Under the new amendment, foreign gambling companies will not be allowed to advertise in the Czech Republic, nor offer Czech-language services on their Web sites. But gambling industry insiders have cried foul over the amendment, saying it contradicts European law.

The European Parliament set down a definitive ruling on the regulation of online gambling Sept. 8, 2009.

"The EU internal market should not be taken as the basis for regulating [the gambling] industry. Rules governing online gambling should not be laid down by the EU, as member states are quite capable of regulating the industry themselves," the Parliament's report says.

The disagreement between Czech authorities and foreign gambling companies stems from differing interpretations of that ruling.

"The European Court decided that the national governments of EU member states are entitled to prohibit in their territories illegal gambling operators. We expect the government to take clear and effective steps that will lead to the removal of ... foreign companies that profit in the Czech Republic without paying fees," said Marek Herman, director of the Association of Betting Service Providers.

But, according to Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the Remote Gambling Association, a UK-based organization promoting the regulation of the European gambling industry, the situation isn't that simple.

"If someone in the Czech Republic is playing poker through a company based in Malta, are they crossing the border? The question is where the gambling takes place: where the company is based and licensed or where the consumer is based. Companies argue one way, and governments argue another," he said. "European law says you must provide access to your market if the company is licensed in that jurisdiction, but there are grounds on which you can restrict access to licensed foreign companies if, for example, they increase crime. But it's difficult to prove that you will cut down crime only by banning foreign companies."

If the amendment is passed by Czech Parliament, it will then be examined by the European Commission.

Czech gambling companies have complained about the advantage foreign companies have over their businesses since online gambling was legalized in 2009.

Petr Šrain, spokesman for Fortuna, one of the largest online betting companies in the country, said unregistered foreign companies have "stormed the Czech gambling market."

"Foreign companies are a serious problem for us and put us at a real disadvantage. We hope the government will do something about it," he said.

Fortuna also does business in Slovakia, Poland and Croatia, where the company "respects local legislation," according to Šrain.

"We are registered in all of the countries where we do business, and we pay taxes there," he added.

Bwin, a gambling company that is registered in Gibraltar and operates in the Czech Republic, remains cautiously optimistic about the government's decision, according to spokesman Klaus Lackner, who said, "A well-functioning regulatory regime must be proportionate, nondiscriminatory and fully adapted to the Internet and the cross-border nature of the online gaming and betting sector in order to effectively foster consumer protection."

"National regulation can only curtail the black market if the national line-up is more attractive than unlicensed international offers that, in the online environment, are only one click away. bwin is confident that, after the upcoming elections, the new Czech government will take these elements into consideration and engage in a constructive information exchange with the private sector," he added.

Victor’s Mr Bets to front Spain launch

Victor Chandler has launched in Spain under the Mister Apuestas brand.

The launch will be supported by a series of campaigns featuring company chairman Victor Chandler as Mister Apuestas (which translates as ‘Mr Bets’ in English).

Victor Chandler said: “Sport is a central part of Spanish culture. I believe that there is an opportunity to build a very strong business there. It won’t be easy as there is a lot of competition who have beaten us into the market, but I am confident my marketing will be distinctive.”

The company said it decided to launch using a local brand rather than its own following detailed research into the Spanish market. All marketing in the territory will be handled by Madrid-based media agency Elogia.

April 19, 2010

PartyGaming and French TV giant AB Groupe sign poker deal

PartyGaming has signed its second business-to-business (B2B) deal in France, with an exclusive agreement to provide a white label online poker service for French TV broadcast giant AB Groupe.

AB Groupe has approximately 52 million paid subscribers and offers 15 subscription channels including RTL9, AB1 and AB Moteurs in France and other French-speaking countries.

The brand’s new poker service, branded LuckyJeux, will be promoted across the AB Groupe network on air and online, and will join PartyGaming’s French poker network, which is also due to include Party’s own France-facing site, PartyPoker.fr and French horse racing monopoly Pari-Mutuel Urbain following PartyGaming's supply contract late last month.

PartyGaming chief executive Jim Ryan said: “AB Groupe is a first rate addition to our French poker network and is consistent with our stated strategy of combining B2C and B2B offerings in newly regulated markets.

“Together with our recently announced alliance with PMU, we are in great shape ahead of the market opening and are excited about our prospects.”

Online poker payment processor arrested in USA

In the United States continued effort to crack down on what they consider illegal online poker games, another arrest has been made, this time the unlucky inmate is Daniel Tzvetkoff an Australian National who allegedly ran an online poker payment processing company known as Intabill. The company went under last year, leaving online poker sites with a big fat loss, actually, it's said that Intabill ran off with about 30 million bucks.

Daniel Tzvetkoff was arrested in Las Vegas according to news reports while attending a 10 day conference on Internet Billing. According to the United States Attorney's office, and reports from the Dow Jones, Tzvetkoff is accused of helping online poker companies such as Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars move as much as $500 million to and from the online poker rooms.

It's said that Tzvetkoff is looking at as many as 75 years in prison if convicted, this according to Australian news websites.

The intelligence of Tzvetkoff's decision to visit Las Vegas is in question, in fact, it's rumored that the 27 year old, was turned in by those companies that he owed money too after the failing of Intabet.

It's also rumored that the 27 year old, that may grow old in American jails, is worth about $80 million dollars (This according to the Herald in Australia).

According to reports, Tzvetkoff, who remains in custody in Las Vegas will request bail next week. Due to his out of country residence, bail is not considered terribly likely.

Charges include:
Money Laundering
Money Laundering Conspiracy
Gambling Conspiracy
Bank Fraud Conspiracy

Bwin has plans for South America and may try US market again

South America apparently features in the plans of the Vienna-listed online gambling group Bwin, which is expanding its traditional European markets and plans a presence in as many as four South American countries over the next two years. And Bwin hasn't yet given up on the US market, it would appear, although that is dependent on positive change in that region.

These informative snippets emerged during an interview conducted by the Austrian newspaper Kurier with Bwin co-chief exec Norbert Teufelberger this week.

"We are in talks with possible partners from the casino and media areas; we want to start by 2011 at the latest," Teufelberger told the newspaper.

Tefelberger also revealed that Bwin has received offers for its Ongame internet poker subsidiary, purchased for half a billion Euros immediately before the UIGEA was passed to the astonishment of the industry back in 2006.

"We have received offers of in and about its purchase price, but we are not interested," said the online gambling executive.

April 16, 2010

Bwin, Sportingbet, Unibet, 888 win French casino law suit

Bwin, Sportingbet, Unibet and 888 have won a lawsuit against them in the Paris courts by a group of top French casinos.

Barrière, Joagroupe, Tranchant and the Casinos de France trade union sued the four operators for “illegal competition” in February because the operators offered casino games such as slots, blackjack and roulette to French internet users.

The casinos alleged that offering the games is in contravention of current gaming legislation as well as in contravention of the egaming regulation set to come into effect in June after being approved by France’s National Assembly earlier this month, which prohibits licensed operators from offering online casino games to French players.

The casino groups asked for the four operators to be prevented from receiving licences for two years and for a symbolic payment of €1 in damages, plus €30,000 to cover their legal costs, and for the publication of the court’s judgement in the main French daily newspapers.

However the legal action has been dismissed by the court.

Unibet chief executive Petter Nylander: “We are pleased with this judgment. For the future we hope that the French regulations for online casinos can be addressed within the context of a constructive dialogue and considering the interests of all stakeholders, notably consumers.

“French consumers have a demand for an online casino product, and we believe that a regulatory framework should meet consumer needs. The recent French regulation of part of the online market is a first step in that direction”

CAS confirms UEFA decision to sanction FK Pobeda

The Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has announced a series of decisions in relation to an arbitration case between UEFA, the FYR Macedonia club FK Pobeda, the Pobeda president Aleksandar Zabrcanec and former player Nikolce Zdraveski.

CAS said on Thursday that a decision made by the UEFA Appeals Body on 27 May 2009 is partially upheld. Pobeda are excluded from any UEFA competition for eight years starting from the 2009/10 season, and Aleksandar Zabrcanec is banned for life from exercising any football-related activities.

The court said in its announcement that the appeal by Nikolce Zdraveski is admitted, and that UEFA's decision of 27 May 2009 is annulled.

The case relates to disciplinary decisions taken with regard to unusual betting patterns in a UEFA Champions League first qualifying round match between Pobeda and Armenian club FC Pyunik in 2004/05, and subsequent decisions taken by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body and the Appeals Body. The matter was ultimately referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"The CAS Panel decided to confirm in part the UEFA decision considering that the evidence brought by UEFA was sufficient to establish that the matches between Pobeda and Pyunik were fixed," said CAS in its statement.

"The involvement of Mr Zabrcanec, president of the club, in this manipulation was recognised by the CAS Panel and, as a consequence, the responsibility of FK Pobeda was also confirmed. However, the CAS Panel was not satisfied by the evidence brought forward (...) against Mr Zdraveski and was not comfortably satisfied to establish that he was actually involved in match-fixing. Due to this lack of evidence, the disciplinary measures that have been ordered against him by UEFA were annulled."

It is the first CAS decision in relation to match-fixing. "We are very pleased that the Court of Arbitration for Sport has mainly upheld UEFA's disciplinary decisions regarding FK Pobeda, and UEFA's ongoing fight to rid football of corruption," said UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino. UEFA has set up a Betting Fraud Detection System (BFDS) which monitors around 29,000 games across Europe, including all UEFA competition fixtures, as well as all first and second division, and national cup matches across its 53 member associations.

April 15, 2010

Full Tilt Poker to sponsor Australian rugby league

Despite Australian anti-online gambling laws, one of the world's most successful online poker operations, Full Tilt Poker, may use a clever loophole to sign a lucrative sponsorship deal with Australia's National Rugby League (NRL) to advertise its brand on the various NRL team websites.

According to recent reports, the NRL has circulated an email amongst its various clubs advising them that the League is considering promoting Full Tilt Poker by pointing traffic to its .net site. And this is a loophole, because the FullTiltPoker.net site does not carry any real money poker products or services.

In other words, the .net site is designed for entertainment and informational purposes only and players are only able to download a 'play money' online poker room. But because there are no links to Full Tilt's actual .com online poker room, Australian authorities are expected to allow the sponsorship to go ahead.

Because Full Tilt Poker is based outside Australia, it is not permitted to offer real money poker facilities to Australian citizens. Last week the NRL informed its clubs that should they allow Full Tilt Poker to host banners on their respective websites, they could expect a share of the AUS$100,000 sponsorship fee.

Said NRL official Damien Mahoney in the email: 'At this stage, they are looking at a long-term involvement (6-12 months) with an investment of over 100k, incorporating display advertising and brand integration into the content of the sites.

'However, as this is new territory for the network and a potentially sensitive area, we have proposed that a smaller display campaign be trialed over the next few months. The advertising will only promote their 'practice' site where no money changes hands.'

And Full Tilt Poker is not the only leading online gambling concern canvasing the Australian online gambling market with a .net site. It seems Poker Stars already has a sponsorship deal in place with NRL team, the Cronulla Sharks, which boasts the PokerStars.net logo and link at the bottom of its homepage.

According to a report compiled last year by the Productivity Commission - which was set up by the Australian government - Australians spend as much as AUS$790 million every year on offshore online betting websites, three times more than they spend on domestic sports betting.

Estonia begins blocking online casinos

As part of a two-tier strategy designed to implement its new Gambling Act, the small Baltic nation of Estonia has started blocking access to leading online casino and poker sites including PartyPoker.com and PokerStars.com.

The country legalised online gambling earlier this year but stipulated that players could only take part at sites licensed in the nation such as Olympic-Online.com, which is owned by Estonian land-based casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group and offers a range of some 150 games in English and Russian.

The Estonian Tax And Custom Board subsequently drew up a list of around 200 domain names associated with online gambling and stipulated that local Internet service providers block services from these sites or face a fine of around $15,600. Some of the world’s largest and most popular online casinos including Unibet.com, FullTiltPoker.com, Bwin.com, PokerStars.com and PartyPoker.com are included on this register and the move has drawn criticism from the European Commission.

Playtech-powered Olympic-Online.com is the only online casino to have been authorised for Estonian players so far while authorities claim that the nation’s moves are only temporary as it comes to terms with precisely how to run a successful and legitimate virtual gaming operation.

“The possibility that online poker gaming could be restricted is not good news for us,” said Estonian professional poker player Imre Leibold.

“I believe and hope that the whole affair is resolved and that there will be several reasonable gaming locations on the market. However, if things get tough, one may have to consider moving residence or start working abroad like Estonian builders in Finland.”

April 14, 2010

Tombola signs two-year Sunderland AFC shirt deal

Tombola has signed an initial two-year deal to become Sunderland's principal shirt sponsor, providing the club with a major boost for the new 2010-11 season and beyond.

Offering one of the most innovative and exciting soft gaming sites in the UK, tombola.co.uk is also the country's biggest and most popular online bingo website.

Speaking about the announcement today, SAFC chairman Niall Quinn said: "We are thrilled to be joining forces with Tombola at what is a really exciting time in our football club's journey. The company's headquarters are in Sunderland so they know exactly what the club and the city are all about and we are excited by the possibilities this partnership offers to us both."

Tombola offers innovative gaming software unique to their own site, all of which is developed in-house. Their forward thinking approach means that tombola.co.uk has more players than any other site, with over £3 million won in prize money every week.

Phil Cronin, chief executive of Tombola said: "Sponsoring Sunderland AFC is a fantastic opportunity for Tombola. With our own head office here in Sunderland we have been able to see the work that Niall and his team have done to transform the fortunes of the club. We're really looking forward to working with Sunderland and we're confident that this sponsorship will help us achieve our own ambitions."

Sunderland AFC marketing & commercial director Lesley Callaghan said: "Tombola will become our club sponsor for an initial two-year period and we are very much looking forward to forging a strong and positive partnership with them. This is a very attractive deal for the club from a commercial perspective and in turn we are sure that by working together we can help Tombola to realise their aims and ambitions for their company."

The partnership will see Tombola's name emblazoned on Sunderland's new home and away shirts for the 2010-11 season and also across key sites throughout the Stadium of light. The company hopes that the partnership with Sunderland Football Club and the global exposure that top flight football brings will raise awareness of their products to a whole new audience, increasing their already significant stake in a growing industry.

Lesley continued: "As a company leading the way in their field Tombola is already a hugely successful organisation and we are sure that the partnership with this club will not only cement their position at the very top, but will also help to introduce the company to a much wider audience through the fantastic global reach of top flight football."

April 13, 2010

PartyGaming's Cashcade gives Dragonfish bingo deal 2-year boost

Foxy Bingo owner Cashcade has signed a two-year extension to its contract with 888 business-to-business arm Dragonfish to keep its bingo brands on the Dragonfish platform.

The deal, which ties revenue streams from Cashcade brands including Foxy, Think and Cheeky into the Dragonfish platform until May 2014, follows the widespread mooting of a possible move off the network by 888 rival PartyGaming following PartyGaming’s buy of Cashcade in July 2009.

Dragonfish managing director Gabi Campos said PartyGaming's decision to keep Cashcade on Dragonfish, which also avoids the disruptive effect of moving the bingo operator's players to another platform, reflected the strength of the Dragonfish bingo software and back-end.

Campos said: “Major standalone networks require software with sufficient flexibility to allow a variety of marketing campaigns that can be integrated into the back office, and Dragonfish can provide this.”

Cashcade is the largest bingo operator in the UK, and owns standalone networks Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, Think Bingo, Little Big Bingo, Bingo Scotland and Foxy Zero, which are all powered by Dragonfish. PartyGaming also recently relaunched its ITV Bingo website via Cashcade.

Dragonfish-owner 888 tied Wink and Posh Bingo into the Dragonfish network by acquiring the rooms from owners Daub for £60m in December 2009.

April 12, 2010

Ladbrokes sells Italian retail business to Cogetech

Following the company’s decision to exit the Italian retail sports betting market last year, UK bookmaker Ladbrokes plc said Monday that it has agreed to sell its Italian retail betting and gaming business to an affiliate of Cogetech S.p.A, one of Italy’s leading online and land-based operators, for a total cash consideration of approximately €5.25 million.

Last August Ladbrokes announced that it would sell its Italian retail business, citing revenue growth below expectations as a result of the continued presence of illegal shops, the increased competition in the market place and the high level of further investment required to achieve critical mass.

Ladbrokes said that its Italian retail business made a loss of £9.9 million in 2009, with a carrying value of the business of £26.7 million.

Cogetech, which has more than 38,000 AWPs in 16,000 points of sale across Italy, will acquire Ladbrokes’ Italian retail business for an expected cash consideration of €5.25 million, payable on completion of the deal.

Under the sale agreement, Cogetech will also assume responsibility for approximately €18 million of guarantees currently provided by Ladbrokes, in addition to Ladbrokes’ head office in Milan, 82 shops and 51 corners located throughout Italy.

Despite its exit from the Italian retail business, Ladbrokes will continue to have a presence in Italy with an increased focus on its online offering, with the company recently becoming the first operator to join Microgaming’s new Italian poker network last month.

The sale is subject to approval from the Italian competition authority.

Unibet expands live sports stream to include La Liga

Unibet is to offer customers additional live streaming sports content through its website, including coverage of Spain’s La Liga, following an agreement with the Sportsman Media Group.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sportsman will provide Unibet with an extensive rights package and streaming services for over twenty territories across a number of sports including the Spanish premier league La Liga, Volleyball and Handball Champions League, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and table tennis.

“We are very happy about our new cooperation with Unibet who has streamed live sport on its websites for quite some time,” said Thomas Krohne, Managing Director of the sportsman media group. “This shows the acceptance of our product by an experienced player in this market.”

Other customers of the Sportsman’s live streaming portfolio include bwin, Interwetten, Bet-at-Home, BetClic and Expekt.

Commenting on the agreement, Unibet CEO Petter Nylander said: “We are pleased to be able to increase our streaming offer to our customers. The sportsman streaming package perfectly complements our existing video product with additional top sports events especially during the weekdays.”

April 09, 2010

Everest Poker sues World Series of Poker

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Ultra Internet Media, which owns the Everest Poker brand, filed a lawsuit in a Las Vegas federal court last week against Harrah's Entertainment, which owns the World Series of Poker.

Ultra Internet Media agreed on a three-year, $22.5 million on-felt sponsorship deal to include the 2008, 2009 and 2010 WSOP. The Everest Poker logo was to appear prominently on the felt of every table, including all television tables. UIM alleges that repeatedly, and as recently as Feb 14, 2010, a French television affiliate, RTL9 not only failed to display the Everest logo but instead featured Full Tilt Poker's logo, an obvious competitor for the French online poker operator, which noted that it does not generate any gaming revenue in the United States.

It seems that the transgression has been a recurring problem and that Harrah's, ESPN and UIM met in February of 2009 to discuss the issue. According to the the suit "Harrah’s and ESPN agreed to control their affiliate, RTL9, and require RTL9 to cease causing violations of the agreement during its broadcasts and transmissions into France."

The lawsuit claims that UIM has paid the full amounts of the deal for 2008 ($6.2 million) and 2009 ($7.9 million) but has no intention of continuing with the agreement in 2010, and has notified Harrah's of its decision to pull out of the 2010 WSOP, which according to the original deal would cost UIM $8.4 million.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, "Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment Inc. and Harrah’s World Series of Poker, on Friday said the company had not been served with the lawsuit and would have no immediate comment on the allegations."

April 08, 2010

Ladbrokes and French TV giant Canal+ form joint venture

Britain's biggest bookmaker Ladbrokes Plc has signed a conditional joint venture agreement with Groupe Canal+ to launch an online betting and gaming service in France, it said on Thursday.

The new service, Ladbrokes first move into the French market in its 124-year history, is set to launch this year subject to competition clearances.

"We believe that there is an opportunity to build a good business in France over time as the market and regulation develop," said Ladbrokes' managing director of remote betting and gaming John O'Reilly.

Under the 50:50 joint venture, Ladbrokes will provide its betting and gaming knowledge and technology, while premium pay TV provider CANAL+ will provide access to media, brand, potential consumers and its experience of operating in the French market.

Each company will provide 2.25 million euros ($3 million) as initial funding for the venture.

Mangas Gaming signs M6 French media tie

Mangas Gaming, owner of brands including Everest Poker, Expekt and Betclic, has announced a strategic partnership with French multimedia conglomerate M6 Group.

Metropole 6, known as M6, is the second most-watched private television service in France.

The deal will see Everest and Betclic betting products offered via M6's network of websites, and the Mangas brands will also sponsor poker- and sports-related content across M6's nine digital channels, and collaborate with the group to produce content for broadcast.

The four-year deal will be fully implemented once BetClic and Everest have the required licences in place following the French National Assembly's vote in favour of a bill to legalise online gambling this week, which all but officially opens up the French egaming market to international operators.

New Mangas Gaming chief executive Nicolas Béraud said: "We are delighted about the visibility M6 will provide to our brands and services on both its channels and websites, especially in the poker segment."

M6 Web managing director Valéry Gerfaud said: "We have chosen to actively participate in the growth of the online gaming industry by joining our forces to the leading French sports betting and online gambling group and providing our know-how in contents creation and interactivity."

The deal is the second major egaming-TV deal in France today, and follows Ladbrokes' announcement of a joint venture with French premium TV giant Canal+ today.

Other media companies to enter the French egaming space include TF1, which signed an online gaming and sponsorship deal with France's lottery monopoly, Francaise des Jeux in February, and the Eurosport TV channel, which announced plans to launch betting company SPS Betting with investment fund Serendipity in May 2009.

April 07, 2010

France votes on bill to legalise online gambling

After a week of tense debate, France’s National Assembly votes Tuesday on a bill to legalise online gambling and open up the French market to international operators. If adopted, the law will come into effect ahead of the South African World Cup in July.

The bill is almost certain to be passed, despite fierce opposition from the left, who argue it is dangerous, particularly to young people.

Virtual poker machines and games of chance are not included because they are considered too addictive to be legalised.

The bill already passed through a first reading by the Senate in February, and has been before the National Assembly since 30 March.

Budget Minister François Baroin said the law would put an end to the “wild and anarchistic” development of internet gambling.

“I am convinced this solution will allow us to gradually drain the black-market of online gaming by creating a legal alternative," he said.

French laws governing online gambling are among the most restrictive in Europe, designed to protect the country’s lucrative PMU and Francaise des Jeux gambling monopolies.

April 06, 2010

Full Tilt Poker under federal investigation

According to a report in the Financial Times, Full Tilt Poker is under investigation on money laundering charges. Two professional players who could be the focus of the investigation are Howard Lederer and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson.

Full Tilt Poker accepts players from the US, and many legal experts believe that despite what the US government insinuates, online gambling is not illegal in the country. Money laundering charges, however, has been a commonly used charge to go after the online gaming industry.

"There are not laws in the US that forbid a player from turning on their computer and gambling online," said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz, "Transferring money, however, has become increasingly difficult for these sites that offer their services to US customers."

In 2006, the US created the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Instead of targeting the sites, however, the law is aimed at making financial institutions responsible for blocking Internet gambling transactions. The financial institutions have argued that they do not have the resources to carry out this duty.

The UIGEA has not yet gone into effect. Late last year, Representative Barney Frank and other lawmakers successfully lobbied to have the UIGEA rules delayed for six months. Frank has proposed legislation to overturn the UIGEA and set up the framework for a regulated online gambling industry in the US.

Juventus sign Betclick shirt sponsor deal

Juventus has signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Betclick UK Ltd.. The company will be the official sponsor from the 1st July 2010 up to 30th June 2012. The brand “Betclick” will appear on the Juventus jerseys during all the competitions in which the team will participate.

The agreement is the result of a new commercial strategy by Juventus, as underlined by president Blanc: «In a very difficult economic context, we have decided by identifying an international partner of primary standing, to put into practice an innovative commercial strategy which shares the rights of the first and the second jersey. The agreement signed today is the first of two agreements of official sponsorship that will characterize the next two sporting seasons».

In lieu of this new commercial strategy, which is intended to increment the profits deriving from the jersey sponsorship, Juventus decided to adopt a new format. There will in fact be two different partners who will have the possibility of affixing their brand name on the outfield jerseys.

The agreement signed today foresees the right of Betclick to affix the brand name “Betclic” on the first outfield jersey – the black and white one – in all the national and international sport competitions of the First Team. The contract foresees complex basis amount of €16 million and a variable amount which shall be determined by the sporting results.

Created in 2005 by French entrepreneurs, Betlclick became in just a few years, one of the operators of reference in the sports betting market and on-line gaming in Europe. Betclick is present in 12 European countries and every one of its websites proposes personalized contents and offers. With the headquarters located in Malta and office in England, Italy and Spain, Betclick is the holder of many gaming licenses in the European Union.