April 19, 2010

Online poker payment processor arrested in USA

In the United States continued effort to crack down on what they consider illegal online poker games, another arrest has been made, this time the unlucky inmate is Daniel Tzvetkoff an Australian National who allegedly ran an online poker payment processing company known as Intabill. The company went under last year, leaving online poker sites with a big fat loss, actually, it's said that Intabill ran off with about 30 million bucks.

Daniel Tzvetkoff was arrested in Las Vegas according to news reports while attending a 10 day conference on Internet Billing. According to the United States Attorney's office, and reports from the Dow Jones, Tzvetkoff is accused of helping online poker companies such as Full Tilt Poker, and PokerStars move as much as $500 million to and from the online poker rooms.

It's said that Tzvetkoff is looking at as many as 75 years in prison if convicted, this according to Australian news websites.

The intelligence of Tzvetkoff's decision to visit Las Vegas is in question, in fact, it's rumored that the 27 year old, was turned in by those companies that he owed money too after the failing of Intabet.

It's also rumored that the 27 year old, that may grow old in American jails, is worth about $80 million dollars (This according to the Herald in Australia).

According to reports, Tzvetkoff, who remains in custody in Las Vegas will request bail next week. Due to his out of country residence, bail is not considered terribly likely.

Charges include:
Money Laundering
Money Laundering Conspiracy
Gambling Conspiracy
Bank Fraud Conspiracy

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