April 14, 2008

PKR Unveils Giant Helicopter Stunt

PKR.com, the next-gen 3-D online poker room has unveiled its latest ad campaign — a giant banner three-quarters the size of a soccer pitch which, when trailed through the skies behind a helicopter, can be seen by one million people.

The company worked with Helibanners and their system Helicopter Overcity Banner Systems to produce the 25,000 square foot banner which will be used in and around London during major sporting events.

The banner is visible for over 10 miles and with three flights already undertaken, Simon Prodger, marketing director of PKR, said, “It’s a pretty awe-inspiring spectacle, and one that no one expects to see. We’ve gotten reports of sightings from all over London, and people have even been sending in their own camera phone images.”

The banner will next be seen on Apr. 26 in central London and will fly over Stamford Bridge during the Chelsea v Manchester United Premiership football match.