May 23, 2008

Unibet And Expekt Launch SuperScore

Scandinavian-focused online gaming companies Unibet and Expekt have announced the joint launch of their new sportsbetting game, SuperScore, which has been designed in response to similar games offered by several European gaming monopolies.

Developed by Malta's Monnet Enterprises Limited, a firm owned jointly by Unibet and Expekt, SuperScore is to be marketed as an alternative to other sportsbetting games such as Sweden's Bomben. The game involves players correctly predicting the results of between two and four soccer or ice hockey matches and will feature games from Scandinavian leagues as well as the English, Spanish and Italian football leagues alongside next month's Euro 2008 competition.

According to Svein Jonassen, Chief Executive Officer for Monnet Enterprises, the game will be made available to other private operators in order to offer even larger prize pools when compared to the national monopolies that may only offer the game in one country.

“The world record in highest odds on a sporting event is on this betting form, the odds were two million times the money,” said Jonassen.

“In SuperScore, the winning odds are anticipated to be as high as 250,000 or sometimes even higher.”

“We see a great potential in SuperScore,” said Petter Nylander, Chief Executive Officer for Unibet.

“It has high winnings with small stakes on the biggest matches. It will be especially interesting as a betting form during Euro 2008 this summer.”