November 07, 2008

Stanleybet launches campaign for fair and open access to EU markets

Stanleybet International today launched its Fair Play For Sports Betting campaign, calling for fair, open and equal access to all European markets for all EU-based sports betting operators.

The campaign was launched at the European Parliament with an open letter from the campaign’s director, Adrian Morris, to the president of the European Commission, calling on Jose Manuel Barosso to prevent member states "further delaying, through political manoeuvring, the opening of their sports betting markets and to enforce compliance with the principles of EU law."

In the letter, Morris highlights several member states’ current non-compliance with the European Court of Justice’s 2003 ruling in the Gambelli case, which recognised the right of a sports betting operator legally established in one member state to provide those services in another. The Gambelli ruling was widely seen as the first step towards a level playing field for both state-owned or controlled and private sports betting operators.

“Member states continued to act in an unfair, disproportionate and politically motivated way and to deny their citizens access to competitive betting services”, said Morris. “Rather than following European law, they are seeking to opt out of it. The European Commission, as the defender of the EU Treaty, has not only the legal right to intervene, but, more importantly, the duty to do so,” he added.

Potential supporters can find out more and register at

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