December 03, 2008

LFP is concerned with new claims of corruption

New claims of corruption have surfaced within the Spanish Football League, following the release of a transcripted conversation that took place between a club official and player last season.

The discussion, which was revealed by Spanish newspaper El Mundo and reported by PA Sport, indicates that the player in question was bribed to fix a match.

In a recent statement, Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) Chief Press Officer Juan Carlos Santamaria confirmed that the league is “very concerned” about the events at hand, indicating that it would be pursuing a series of investigations about this and other incidents in order to preserve the reputation of La Liga.

Although the LFP is permitted to explore the issues, disciplinary action will be left in the hands of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), sparking Santamaria to express his concerns about the lack of power behind the body. He went on to note that LFP has been discussing the issue with the Ministry of Sport in an attempt to bring more control to the league.

The LFP is now pushing for laws to be implemented against all forms of dishonesty in the league, including corruption and bribery.

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