February 10, 2009

New evidence revealed in Polish football scandal

New evidence has been revealed in connection to the Polish football scandal that remains under investigation. Thanks to Przeglad Sportowy, a member of the investigative team, a list of calls made by Arka Gdynia suspects has joined the case. According to Polskie Radio, the latest evidence shows how detailed the criminal portion of the operation was, which coincides with statements that suggested members of the scandal were acting like part of a “real mafia”.

With the prosecutor’s office now sporting more evidence, the defendants may have a harder time prevailing. Identified as members of the scandal are Ryszard F., (known as 'Fryzjer'), referee head Marian D. and former Polish Football Association board member Henryk Klocek, who allegedly bribed referees using money provided by Arka Gdynia representatives. As indicated by the data on file, the individuals attempted to avoid police involvement by frequently changing their mobile phone cards.

Further data shows phone calls made by various members of the group during one of the fixed matches in question, which resulted in a EUR 1200 bribe provided to the referee by team leader Wiselaw K. Arka Gdynia advanced to the Premier League during the 2008 season, although the investigation has been underway since 2005.

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