June 19, 2010

Everest Gaming sues Harrah's Entertainment Inc. again

In the gambling world there are little fish and big fish and every size in between and that goes for not only the players but the casino operators too. A not so small online poker operation has accused the really big Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. of infringing on it's trademark.

A dispute between Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.’s World Series of Poker and Everest Poker, has been stepped up a notch with Everest actually filing another law suit against Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.

Ultra Internet Media S.A. the parent company of Everest Poker brought legal teams in back in April, bringing Harrah's into the federal court in Las Vegas, claiming Harrah’s breached a sponsorship agreement. Everest complained in that lawsuit that during broadcasts of the poker tournament in France by ESPN affiliate television network RTL9, the Everest Poker image was electronically replaced with the “virtual signage” of competitor Full Tilt Poker’s logo.
Harrah’s denied it violated the sponsorship deal and filed its own suit against Everest, charging breach of contract as well as other claims.

In the latest legal action by Everest Gaming Ltd., who claims ownership of the Everest Poker trademarks, contended that Harrah’s subsidiary Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment Inc. continues to use Everest trademarks during the 2010 World Series of Poker. The lawsuit maintains that, "The felt on the poker tables being used for the 2010 World Series of Poker features at least one of Everest’s Everest Poker logo trademarks," and "The Everest Poker trademarks also are on display at the Rio as large banners or wall posters, on the ‘inner rung’ of certain tables used for the 2010 World Series of Poker and on television monitors in the casino displaying the schedule of events." Everest Gaming, says in the litigation that, "the defendants are refusing to remove the trademarks in an effort to try to force payment by Everest for defendant’s use of such marks, and in order to bolster the legitimacy of the World Series of Poker in the minds of tournament participants, fans and the viewing public." Thus far Harrah's has not responded to the latest legal assault.

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