January 25, 2011

Mandalay puts Tournament.com up for sale

Costa Bingo and Casino Choice owner Mandalay Media Group has put its Tournament.com domain up for sale after deciding not to re-enter the skill gaming arena.

Mandalay owners Richard Skelhorn and Alex Holt launched pay-to-enter first person shooter tournaments on the Tournament.com and Tournament.co.uk domains in 2007, under licence from games provider Valve, operating their CounterStrike and Half-Life games, but decided to close the site the following year due to financial pressures.

In a statement today, Skelhorn and Holt said: “We still believe there is a market for pay-to-enter video game tournaments, however due to the investment required in infrastructure and content licensing it is something that we have decided not to re-approach.

“We believe that unless a content owner like EA approach it themselves and therefore remove the licence fee element we will not see a third party operator again on the scale Tournament.com achieved. We are ready to sell the domain now along with the .co.uk and move on.”

The Tournament.com founders said they believed the domain would interest a wide range of businesses, including poker sites and games publishers.

“The word 'tournament' is very descriptive and generates over five million Google searches per month. It could be developed into a very powerful brand in the right hands,” said Skelhorn and Holt.

Mandalay said it would be reviewing sensible offers received via the contact form on the Tournament.com website.

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