March 17, 2011

Bet365 launches latest in-play betting system

Online gaming operator bet365 has launched its latest in-play betting system which allows hundreds of thousands of concurrent users to be supported on the company’s system.

Bet365 said that its software development teams have played a major role in overcoming the significant challenges that delivering an in-play betting system presents, including the delivery of a continuous stream of real-time information whilst simultaneously receiving and processing a huge amount of incoming customer data.

The company’s latest in-play betting system employs a distributed computing model to deliver the scale necessary to meet the demand for bet365’s products.

“We could not achieve the scale we have without our Systems teams,” said Martin Davies, bet365’s chief technology officer. “They have enabled us to take the pressure off of our databases and storage systems and increase the scale and flexibility of our systems through the creation of our own personal cloud.”

Bet365 said that in-house innovations in push technology enabled the company to inject data into any area of the user’s dashboard in close to real-time, whilst sophisticated software offers greater speed and scalability by storing the information in the cloud.

The result is a system that automatically refreshes the chosen elements of the dashboard without interfering with the user’s experience, which is capable of handling thousands of changes per second and delivering them out to interested users in near real time.

The latest in-play betting system also gives users the freedom to view information on multiple sports or in-depth information on the sport of their choice. It also provides fully integrated audio and visual coverage of live sporting events.

“I’m very proud of our systems teams,” continued Davies. “They continue to push through barriers to deliver a rich multi-media experience that is controlled by the user and can support millions of people across the world simultaneously.”

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