April 07, 2011

Revenue share deal from Betfair

Online casino and sportsbook operator Betfair is to offer all third-party developers a five percent revenue share for applications that are integrated onto its Sports Exchange mobile betting platform.

Betfair revealed that its Sports Exchange platform has been open to third-party developers since 2005 allowing for the building of applications designed to provide its punters with a personalised interface and specialised operations that would not otherwise be available via Betfair.com.

Undertaken in order to increase the amount of high-quality mobile applications being available to its customers, Betfair stated that this offer will also ‘stimulate and support innovation in the fast-moving mobile betting industry’.

“Betfair is excited about the future potential and growth we've already seen in mobile betting and we're keen to work with our developer community to build more high-quality mobile products for our three million customers to use,” said Tom Johnson from Betfair.

“The combination of the open nature of our Sports Exchange and the strong existing relationships we have with our developers has ensured that Betfair supplies products that not only push the boundaries of quality and innovation but ultimately provide our customers with the betting experience that they want.

“We’re confident that this new revenue share deal will further improve our product offering, our partnerships with our developer community and the experience of our customers.”

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