September 26, 2011

Irish Government announcing tougher rules for online

The Irish Goverment are to introduce time delays on the use of credit cards for online betting, under plans being drafted by Justice Minister Alan Shatter to protect the vulnerable and young.

Advertisements that promote betting as a fashionable or trendy pastime will also be banned under strict measures being drawn up to overhaul the current gambling laws.

Online gambling operators will be required to operate “due diligence checks” on customers. This could include enforcing a 12-hour delay between when players register and when they are allowed actually to play.

This would, the Irish goverment believe help deter under-18s from attempting to use their parents’ credit cards and players could be required to provide online confirmation of their identity or age or register for PIN numbers.

The new laws, not expected to be implemented until next year, will for the first time govern online gambling and betting providers through licensing and tax measures.

Mr Shatter last week said “shortcomings” in current laws dating back to 1931 were exposing young people and other vulnerable persons to “unacceptable risks”.

Restrictions being considered include a time delay between when players present online with credit card details and when they can actually start gambling.

It remains to be seen exactly how Department of Justice officials intend to police online betting and gambling operators, particularly those based outside Ireland.

Bookies Paddy Power point out that only two of the top 10 online bookmakers are based here and it would be unfair if competitors based outside the state could escape restrictions.

Restrictions on advertising for gambling or betting are also being ironed out.

A system of fines and possible prison terms are also being considered for offending gambling providers.

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