February 27, 2012

FBI wants online gambling

Two former heads of the country’s national security have publically announced that they favour national legalised and regulated online gambling. Former Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Director Louis Freeh and Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge expressed their thoughts in a letter to the Washington Examiner.

The letter reads: “We all know that Internet gambling takes place in a borderless enterprise outside an already ambiguous policy arena that affects millions of Americans. Americans across the country can gamble on various games on the Internet such as cards, sports and games of chance.”

“It is obvious these enlightened individuals see the benefits of a licensed jurisdiction beyond just the tax revenue advantage. As law enforcement officers both gentlemen are in agreement that a regulated environment is better than one that can not provide a safe place for Americans to play for money over the internet. The letter continued, “Individual states simply do not possess the necessary law enforcement tools to effectively police gambling in a borderless Internet.”

Judging by what they are expressing, gambling state by state would just end up in a messy web of over-regulation.

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