November 28, 2012

Apple to revolutionize gambling on TV

Apple is reported to be working on a television set that will change the way we watch TV and gamble.

According to business rumors, the launch of Apple’s highly awaited television set is “imminent.”, the gossip has been around for at least two years, but recent leaks from various sources suggest the expected debut is as near as the early first half of 2013.

Allegedly, the design will resemble Apple’s LED Cinema Displays, but much bigger. Imagine watching a horse racing broadcast in normal size, and not in an iPhone gambling app.

The new TV will come with built-in Siri enabling viewers to control it without a remote. Facetime will be used on the big screen for high-quality video chat. Apple is supposed to include a console similar to Xbox Kinect as well.

Maybe the most interesting is how Apple handles TV content. The boys in Cupertino want to offer TV channels as streaming apps on their television that one can stream content through. You could pay for each app channel individually instead of subscribing for a package as you would normally do at your cable provider.

You will be able to reach all sorts of extras including mobile gambling content on your Apple devices that are connected with the television set. Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod or iPad could control your TV using a version of AirPlay.

Apple has not even commented on its television plans. There are no known names for the new product. Possible guesses include iTV, “iPanel” or simply just “Apple TV.”

Whatever Apple’s choice will be, we can be sure that its approach towards television will change the rules as iPod changed the music business, iPhone transformed the mobile industry and iPads created a new category in personal computing, gaming and mobile casinos.

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