May 28, 2014

Tony G wins seat in Lithuanian Election claims "today we made history"

The final results of the European elections have been announced and founder of and Lithuanian businessman Tony G can add another achievement to an already impressive list as he gained a seat in the next European Parliament.

When he first announce his intention to run for European Parliament back in December 2013 he said politics is "a competition, a tournament or as a sit-n-go, we are all playing," he said. "Every country is playing and whoever plays the smartest, is going to be successful."

Tony G’s pro liberal party fared much better than originally expected as they became the country’s third biggest party with 16.5% of the votes meaning they will occupy two seats in the next European Parliament.

The colourful poker player also had the honor of winning the most votes of his party and said after the results were released "Today we made history in Lithuanian politics".

His election to European Parliament has been hailed as a great thing many people within the poker industry as he may have the influence to affect poker policy in Europe going forward. Senior member of PartyPoker.Bwin Warren Lush who was on site for the home stretch of the campaign and Election Day called this a “historical result”.

There has also been an overwhelming stream of positive feedback on Tony G’s Facebook and Twitter with many players and members of the industry congratulating him.

I am sure the poker world will be watching as Tony G makes his transition from competitive trash talking poker player to European Parliament member,

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