February 12, 2015

Chinese Teenager Chops Off Hand to Cure Online Gaming Addiction

A Chinese teenager known only as Little Wang (which is what I would have been called had I chopped off said cock), has reached worldwide infamy after severing his left hand, at the wrist, in a bid to cure his addiction to online gaming.

According to press reports, Little Wang’s mother – who we will refer to as Mummy Wang, as she wanted her identity kept a secret – said that Little Wang was a ‘smart boy’ (I think we will withhold judgment on that one). She told reporters that she went into his bedroom to find a note that read:

“Mum, I have gone to the hospital for a while. Don’t worry. I will definitely come back this evening.”

It’s believed he took a knife from the house, found a suitably comfortable park bench, severed the hand, before hailing a cab with his other hand, and instructing the man to drive him to the hospital.

The kid left the hand on the park bench.

“We cannot accept what has happened,” Mummy Wang told reporters, “It was completely out of the blue.”

It’s estimated that 24 million kids in China are addicted to some form of Internet ‘something or other’. The problem has even become so concerning that military style boot camps are being created as a way of helping the addicted go cold turkey.

And just think, the WPT President, Adam Pliska, recently told us that he was excited about the Chinese online poker market.

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