July 25, 2017

Czech legislators to add new gaming regulations

National legislators held a session yesterday discuss gaming regulations, according to Prague Monitor. After the meeting, new amendments could be added to federal laws in order to control potential public corruption through gaming operations. Earlier this year, the Congress approved a gaming law, which was previously modified by a lobbying organisation.

“During the legislative process, the gambling bill underwent several changes as a direct consequence of the gambling lobby’s intervention, which led to particular interests being put above public interests,” revealed a public analysis issued by the office of Human Rights Ministry.

Czech Republic Cabinet met yesterday in order to review the analysis and discuss further regulations for gaming activities. According to the document, the industry could represent a risk of corruption in public administration, as “favouritism, non-standard lobbying, economic and media pressure” could influence government officials, as reported by the local news outlet.

The Ministry’s document also reveals connections between gaming companies and national former and current authorities. The main example is the SYNOT gaming company owned by Senator Ivo Valenta, which employs former Finance Ministry officials. Czech Republic has been allegedly experiencing “Revolving Doors,” a phenomenon where gaming businessmen achieve governmental positions and after their periods, they return to their previous businesses.

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