March 21, 2018

Professional Sports League Begin Preparations for Supreme Court’s Sports Betting Ruling

While the professional baseball teams in Arizona and Florida gear up for the upcoming 162-game season, the Major League Baseball officials are eagerly waiting for the highly anticipated sports betting ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States. If the Supreme Court repeals the apparently unconstitutional PASPA or Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, the individual states will be free to design their respective legislation for regulating and operating sports betting within their borders.

That being said, if the Supreme Court makes a favorable ruling, the fans of MLB in certain states might be able to place their legal bets on the upcoming tournament matches. As such, the MLB officials are now gearing up to prepare their teams and players by providing them dedicated training on sports wagering. In addition to this, the umpires and coaches of the MLB tournaments will also be provided proper sports betting training.

It is being speculated that before July this year, the Supreme Court is likely to announce its decision on what is being regarded as the most highly publicized federal lawsuit in a long long time. If the Supreme Court repeals the 25-year-old PASPA, it is literally going to bring about a drastic transformation in the concept of sports gambling in the United States. In the case of a revocation of the federal law that currently prohibits sports betting in all states but four, the individual states would be allowed to take their own decisions as to whether or not they want their citizens to sports wager.

In a conference with the local news reporters, the commissioner of the Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred outlined that they are quite optimistic about the promising future of sports betting in the country. In addition to the MLB, the other three major sports leagues in the US are also preparing their teams and officials for a possible change in the sports betting laws in the country.

Not only are these sports leagues educating their players about the concept of sports betting, but also are themselves constantly studying and monitoring sports betting data to be better equipped with the right information when the need arises. The sports leagues are also researching their various options in terms of new businesses and partnerships that might help enhance their revenue streams in the future.

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