August 07, 2009

Victor Chandler launches multi-lingual affiliate program and Income Access have strengthened their partnership by announcing the launch of's new global affiliate program. With a range of new features, the relaunched program will feature all the tools available from the Income Access affiliate marketing software. Victor Chandler and its affiliates will now enjoy advanced PPC tracking tools, new graphical reports, a multi-lingual software platform and an advanced advertising banner solution.

The latest release of the Income Access affiliate marketing software features custom language settings and advanced graphical reporting. Through the custom language settings, Victor Chandler will offer a customized user experience to their affiliates, helping Victor Chandler better engage affiliates in different regional markets. Victor Chandler and its affiliates will enjoy graphical reports, providing them with advanced intelligence on campaign performance at a glance, as well as more in-depth tracking reports.

Victor Chandler has also recently invested in a new media banner deployment. The Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting system, or DART, is able to hyper-target banners according to 22 criteria, such as IP, location, browser language, and other cookie information. This breakthrough in ad-serving technology will help affiliates increase conversions by showing their users the most relevant promotions.

"The roll-out of a new affiliate program is an exciting development for both Victor Chandler and their affiliates worldwide," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "We have been working closely with Victor Chandler for years, and over the last couple of months have helped them consolidate their affiliate marketing program under a single, comprehensive platform. This new system will allow Victor Chandler to easily monitor and manage their different campaigns through one interface, helping them to better maximize the return of their affiliate marketing efforts."

Affiliates in the Victors Affiliates program will also continue to benefit from the lucrative commission structures. Victors Affiliates up to 35% of each referred player's net losses, every month, for the lifetime of that referred player. Alternatively, affiliates can opt for a CPA commission for each new real/active account they bring in.

"We're glad to have launched a robust new platform that will make it easy and quick to grow our affiliate programme and give affiliates the quality support that they need. Its new quick link features, multi-territory targeting and enhanced reporting systems allows affiliates to easily manage their own campaigns from start to finish with the best results possible"

Victor Chandler offers affiliates a variety of verticals to promote, and a range of sports betting, ranging from UFC to Greyhound Racing and American Football. Victor Chandler also features a casino and live casino portal, with various player promotions, along with a poker, gaming and a mobile gaming section for affiliates to promote.

Completely brandable and customizable, the Income Access affiliate marketing software provides iGaming operators with the ability to extend their brand experience to affiliates. In a constant state of development and updated regularly, it features a variety of in-depth tracking reports and marketing tools that help both operators maximize their online marketing campaigns.

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