October 21, 2009

PartyGaming stockholder and billionaire gives $350 million to charity

Anurag Dikshit (pronounced Dix-it) has an unusually unkind name but has an extremely kind heart. The online gambling company stockholder has sold over half of his PartyGaming stocks.

The world’s largest online gambling company announced Tuesday that Dikshit is preparing to sell 66% of his shares in the company for 350 million dollars. The sale will reduce his stake in the company from 28% to 9.5%.

A spokesperson also stated that Anurag plans to sell the rest of his shares in the company in the near future. He wants to give all of his money from the sale of his stock to the Kusuma Trust.

The Kusuma Trust charity was founded by Anurag to provide welfare and educational services to the communities and children in Gibraltar, India and in the United Kingdom. The trust already holds about $80 million.

Anurag spends his days living a modest lifestyle in Gibraltar where he has resided for eight years with his wife. He prefers to walk and although his wife does have a car, he does not have one of his own.

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