November 13, 2009

Top celebrity online power-players

Gambling has been a part of society all our lives, because lets face it, a lot of what we do is a gamble, whether it involves money or not! Life is unpredictable, so you never know what the outcome’s going to be, just like gambling, but gambling has had a bad rep over the past few years, and all the positives get totally discarded. But the truth is, gambling is a fantastic past-time, that’s been part of our lives for many years, and it’s actually a lot of fun, and can be really sociable.

Some people think that gambling isn’t for them, because there are too many classic casino games out there, and not everybody’s into that nowadays. But the internet is ever changed and improving to adapt to today’s challenging and hard to please market, so there’s something out there for everyone…

Even celebrities! More and more celebrities are engaging in online gambling, be it a little flutter, or a full blown play for the jackpot! But they mainly do it for the thrill, because Gambling is never boring, it’s always un-predictable, and online, you can just pay for fun!

One of the most famous celebrity gamblers would have to be Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck is an absolute poker champion. Although he’s had bad press over his online gambling habits, he’s got the money and the skills to play, and play to win! He is a true Power-Player, and he knows his stuff, I wouldn’t want to face him in a game! Would you?

Another Power-Player would have to be the fabulous Hugh Hefner, because sometimes, the playboy mansion just isn’t good enough. Hugh Hefner has been known in the past to splash his cash on specialist celebrity poker rooms in Vegas, given by request, but few know on the quieter days, Hugh has been known to dabble in the online gaming scene… As well as this, he only owns his very own Online Gambling site himself!

Continuing on now to George Clooney. George Clooney is as well known in the gambling world as he is in the rest of it! And has invested a total of $3 billion on a resort in Las Vegas. As well as this he’s also the co-ownder of the casino-hotel-condominium complex – Las Ramblas. George is well known as an avid gambler, online and in the Casinos, and was in Rome, back when the were filimg Ocean’s 12, playing a game of late-night poker with co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

And now, batting for all the female gamblers out there, is Jennifer Tilly, veteran and semi-professional poker player. She began her gambling past-time through playing TV-Celebrity-Poker Porgrammes. She then dated none other than Phil Laak, who helped coach her! She’s well known in the gambling circuit, and was said to have used online gambling sites during her training to improve.

Toby McGuire, “Spiderman” superstar, is a very established poker champion. He won $186,000 at a $2,000 buy in tournament at the Hollywood Park Casino in 2004. He also went on to win the $2,000 Phil Hellmuth Invitational for $95,480! And he’s also known to hold high stakes poker parties at his home. Not only this, he has been known to cash in on online gambling sites before, and is quite obviously, an A-List Power-Player!

“Friends” star Matthew Perry is also rumoured to be a heavy poker player, and is known to be an avid fan of online gambling! As well as this, he has a special arrangement with the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas for a weekend where he spent a private VIP weekend gambling!

“Bourne” star Matt Damon has also, like Jennifer Tilly, had the amazing opportunity to be coached by a pro, and this pro is none other than Johnny Chan. He’s been seen regularly gambling with high profile celebrity friends such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Michael Douglas. He’s also rumoured to have been recently offered a $1 million endorsement offer for an online gambling giant, as he’s said to be quite a fan of the online scene.

And to finish up, another famous lady, showing the world that girls can gamble too! Shannon Elizabeth is famed for a sensational string of performances during her long run in the 2007 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. This American Pie beauty has scalped many big name bros, and has cashed in four times as the WSOP!

And these celebs are to name but a few! Because celebrities are known fans of the Gambling scene, and if they are, then why aren’t you? Help to discard the bad press gambling receives by gambling safely, and online, where Gambling has become just as sociable as Vegas!

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