August 03, 2010

OPAP calls tender, grants Intralot interim extension

Greek gaming monopoly operator OPAP has renewed its agreement with existing gaming supplier Intralot by one year while it carries out an international tender for the provision of new gaming systems and respective support services.

OPAP has already started the process of selecting technical and legal advisors who will assist the company in organising the evaluation process and publishing the relevant Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.

The international tender concerns the provision of new gaming systems, infrastructure, gaming operation, and respective support services as well as the installation and transition from its current system to the new system.

While the company awaits bids under the tender, OPAP has agreed to extend its existing contract with Intralot for one additional year, with Intralot tasked with a number of objectives including uninterrupted operations, growth of modern services to clients, expansion of content and games offered, as well as upgrading agency functionality and reducing operating costs.

Intralot will upgrade the existing technology infrastructure of OPAP and provide technical support services, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure, whilst proceeding with the expansion of the LOTOS Horizon audiovisual system that will require the installation of 20,000 TV sets in OPAP’s retail network, which will broadcast information content regarding OPAP games.

Intralot will also develop, install and operate the OPAP/TV system which will broadcast OPAP-specific sports and betting content via satellite and internet exclusively to OPAP agencies.

In addition Intralot will develop and operate new games which will be operated on LOTOS Horizon and on OPAP's self-service terminals, and will provide support services for OPAP’s game ‘Pame Stihima’ and undertake the introduction of new forms of betting content as well as live betting.

Intralot will receive an annual fixed fee of €57m under the contract extension from OPAP, together with an additional fee representing 8 per cent of the gross proceeds of the new games carried out by TAX (autonomous terminals) and Monitor Games, the installation of which will be entirely at Intralot’s expense.

OPAP added that should a new supplier be awarded the tender, the company has the option to extend the contract with Intralot for one further year, in order to secure the transition from the current system to a new system.

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