August 31, 2010

UEFA approves resolution against match-fixing

UEFA reports that at its meeting in Monaco the Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) agreed to increase the fight against match-fixing in European football and approved a resolution to that effect.

The PFSC includes elected representatives from the European Club Association (ECA), the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL), FIFPro Division Europe and UEFA. This makes it a good representation of clubs, leagues, players and the governing body of European football. The PFSC advises the UEFA Executive Committee based on its discussions on matters regarding professional football.

The PFSC has acknowledged that it:

• recognises and understands the gravity of the match-fixing threat,
• welcomes the steps undertaken by UEFA, FIFA and other football bodies so far to fight match-fixing,
• believes that fighting match-fixing needs education, prevention and deterrents,
• invites UEFA to intensify and extend its education programme in co-operation with associations, clubs, leagues and players' unions on both European and national level,
• urges the political authorities to engage with UEFA and national football bodies to adopt legislation, which must be enforced by the law enforcement authorities, to protect the integrity of football competitions and recognise the rights and responsibilities of competition organisers on betting activities, and
• demands a policy of zero tolerance towards all those involved in match-fixing.

Pierluigi Collina, UEFA's Chief Refereeing Officer, gave the PFSC an update on steps being taken to improve refereeing. He also discussed players' agents, UEFA club competitions and reviewed the changes made in 2009-2010. He analysed the matter of social dialogue and sees it as an area of progress.

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