December 10, 2012

Euromillions takes the lottery international

Euromillions has launched a new website, which expands its lottery currently spanning 9 European countries across the globe, significantly increasing the player and prize pool.

The Euromillions lottery has been around for almost ten years and has become one of the largest lotteries in the world. With the launch of, the lottery has become easier to play as it grows and reaches a wider audience. makes the lottery available to players worldwide while providing user friendly features to simplify the lottery playing process.

Prior to the launch of the website, Euromillions lottery tickets were only available for in person purchase in any of the 9 participating European countries. During this time, the lottery grew in popularity and prize sums increased rapidly.

The website offers lottery ticket purchase to qualified players anywhere in the world and conveniently deposits winnings into a player’s bank account. This represents a marked break from traditional methods of playing lotteries, when a player would have to collect winnings in person. No more pesky trips to Europe. Then again, after winning a lottery trips to Europe may not be so pesky anymore.

Additionally, purchasing tickets online offers a degree of security that could not be conferred with physical tickets. A physical ticket added the risk of suspicious persons finding and redeeming a player’s ticket. Euromillions avoids this by connecting a virtual ticket to its purchaser. These feature will certainly attract players who would prefer to avoid the hassle of traditional lotteries.

The online convenience that Euromillions provides only sweetens the deal for lottery players. With jackpots that can reach €190 million and a generous prize structure with 13 categories, there are huge prize pools at stake.

The Euromillions website is laid it out in an easy-to-follow format that walks players through 4 easy steps to purchase a ticket. It also serves as an outlet for Euromillions related stories and keeps players up to date on the lottery drawings and news. By streamlining the process, the website will increase the number of players and also the prize sums.

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