September 03, 2013

Head of PFA is alleged serial gambler

The Head of the English Professional Footballers Association, Graham Taylor is alleged by two main newspapers in the UK to be a “serial gambler,” even though he has on many occasions warning his members against the dangers of gambling.

The newspapers are alleging Taylor has run up debts of over £100,000 and in a 30 month period gambled £4 million on some 2,000 individual bets, with one it is said to have been on an England versus Switzerland match in 2011, which he lost according to the reports.

According to the newspaper reports most of the bets were on horseracing however some are also on the premier league football matches. Ironically Taylor has said in the past that there should be a “zero tolerance” towards footballers gambling.

Taylor is the highest paid union official in the UK which represents the interests of professional footballers and earns over £1 million a year in his role as Chief Executive, which he has been for over 30 years.

Both reports on Taylor in the UK national press have failed to get any comment from Mr Taylor confirming or denying the stories.

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