December 12, 2013

American Indian tribes ready for online gambling

The American Indian tribes have not so far taken part in any online gambling in the three states that have legalised online gambling in Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey but by the end of 2013 that could be changing.

The American Indian tribe in rural California, the Alturas Indian Rancheria Tribe will be ready they believe to launch online gambling to customer outside of the US, either before or just into the new year. They are not alone with the same strategy being taken up by the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes in Oklahoma, looking to entice overseas online gamblers to their website that will be launched soon in 2014.

In total American Indian tribes operate 460 gaming venues in 28 states in the US and many tribal leaders feel with global revenues in online gambling at $30 billion a year, they are missing out on a piece of the action.

How much the US market is worth a present is unsure, Fitch Ratings believes New Jersey which is the largest of the states to allow online gambling says the market is worth $300 million to $700 million a year in the coming seven years.

But the Indian tribes are not all together with online gambling with many believing it will harm their current land based casino operations, with the other side saying it will help with their large scale un-employment problem.

One thing is for sure the Indian tribes want to get into online gambling, how and in what form is still not certain but come the end of the year, they will be live with their own offerings.

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