June 29, 2014

29-Year-Old Poker Pro Johannes Strassmann Found Dead in Ljubljana

After receiving the results of a DNA test, Slovenian police confirmed that the body found in the river Ljubljianica on Friday is the one of German poker player Johannes Strassmann.

Strassmann, who was in Slovenia to meet with some local high-stakes players, was reported missing on Saturday, June 21, when he disappeared from Ljubljana's old town.

Since then, the local police had tried their best to find him, carrying out numerous operations across the whole country involving a large number of agents, helicopters, and search dogs.

On Friday morning, police found a body on the banks of the Ljublianica River in Ljubljana and performed a DNA test on it as the body was reported to be in too poor of a condition to proceed with an immediate identification.

Twenty-four hours later the test results came in, and authorities confirmed that the body was the one of 29-year-old Johannes Strassmann.

Slovenian police officer Vinko Stojnsek confirmed the identity match. "It is very sad to say that, but it is true," Stojnsek told PokerNews. "The body we have found on Friday is of Johannes Strassmann."

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