June 06, 2014

Millionaire to sue Les Ambassadeurs for £10 million

A millionaire businessman and poker player is suing London’s Les Ambassadeurs Casino for £10 million because he believes that two professional pokers players he played against at the casino were colluding to ensure he lost millions over the years he played poker there.

In what has been said to be high stakes poker games held at the casino with Arab Sheikhs and footballers such as Nicklas Bendtner worth millions over the years he played, he suspected that two professional poker players were teaming up to beat him and hence refused to pay a cheque he wrote to the casino for £185,000.

This reacted in Les Ambassadeurs filing a court action against Iraj Parvizi for the unpaid debt, followed after then by the claim by Parvizi that he wants £10 million because of the collusion he says went on.

Neither of the professional poker players were named in the court action, which also includes the casinos masseuses which he says were signalling to the poker players what cards he had at the table.

Lawyers for Les Ambassadeurs have denied the charges and say they will now fight the case in court. On a separate issue Parvizi is also facing a court battle of his own for alleged insider trading in stocks and shares in the London Stock exchange.

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