August 27, 2015

Vietnamese lawmakers push to legalise gambling

Lawmakers in Vietnam are pushing the government to stop making gambling a crime after 70 years after it was called “a social evil” by the then ruling government.

During a discussion on amendments to the Penal Code many lawmakers urged the government to stop considering gambling a crime that is taking place all over the country.

Pham Xuan Thuong from the northern province of Thai Binh said the country seems to be tough on gambling, but in fact the enforcement of anti-gambling laws is not strict and effective enough.

“In many cases, police arrest many gamblers but then decide to drop charges while those prosecuted end up receiving suspended sentences”, he said.

“Lottery is a kind of gambling, so why don’t we organize gambling activities in a more sensible and manageable way?”

Do Van Duong from Ho Chi Minh City also voiced his support for the abolishment of gambling crime.

“Gambling has existed for a long time. As long as they have money, some people will gamble. We should not worry that gambling will lead to crimes, but think about how to manage gambling activities,” he said.

Gambling was outlawed in Vietnam in 1948.

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