October 25, 2010

Betchecker to highlight bigger wins at Betfair

Betfair, the world’s biggest betting community, has today launched Betchecker – a site that compares Betfair against other online betting operators and tracks which company returns the biggest winnings across a number of football betting markets.

The new site contains a number of interactive widgets and allows punters to compare and contrast returns on bets placed with a number of different betting firms.

A graphical widget allows visitors to choose which firms they scrutinise, and shows who returned the biggest wins across, for example, 100 Premier League markets during a given week. You can compare Betfair with up to four other companies simultaneously.

Another widget allows users to retrospectively work out how much they would have won on one particular bet if you’d placed it on Betfair, or with another online betting operator.

Betfair’s Global Head of Content Jeremy Sulzmann said: “Our new Betchecker site is a simple proposition, comparing winnings on Betfair against those of our competitors.

“It will visualise how by being part of the world’s biggest betting community customers can get better value and bigger wins.

“Some people might be surprised with just how much more they could have won on Betfair.”

The site’s historical prices are captured just before an event starts, with competitors’ prices made available to Betfair through third party odds comparison sites.

Betchecker always deducts the maximum 5% commission to make the comparison as fair as possible, even though the actual commission on bets could be less. As an exchange Betfair takes a commission on the net winnings of a customer in a given market of between 2-5%. If a bet is void or it loses nothing is paid.

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