March 20, 2014

Bulgaria Grants Sports Betting Licences to Betfair & Eurofootball

Bulgaria’s State Gambling Commission (SGC) has granted approval to sports betting operator Eurofootball and betting exchange Betfair to allow Bulgarian betting transactions and promotion of betting services to Bulgarian citizens.

The SGC will allow both operators to promote sports betting services through .bg access url’s. The license further grants the operators will the inclusion of promoting online casino and poker services to Bulgarian residents.

Betfair and Eurofootball join a select group of igaming operators who have been granted licenses by the SGC, the other operators granted approval to promote igaming services are – Pokerstars, and Bulgarian sports lottery operator Sports Toto.

Industry analysts believe that the Bulgarian Government is likely to issue further approval to new operators seeking entry into the market. The Bulgarian Gambling restructured proposed igaming taxes to 15%. Additionally all operators who wish to enter the market must also by an entry levy of €35,000 to the state in order to gain a license.

In the past six months the SGC, have blacklisted sports betting and igaming operators that have not complied with regulations, enforcing site access restrictions from Bulgarian regional internet IP’s.

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