March 25, 2014

NJ now open to overseas online gambling operators

New Jersey Senator and pro-online gambling proponent Ray Lesniak who introduced a bill allowing overseas online gambling operators to be based in New Jersey and offer their business internationally has had the bill approved by the Senate.

Any overseas operator once approved and licensed would have to join forces with a land based casino operator based in the state will then be allowed to offer online gambling to any country where online gambling is legal.

“This could help make New Jersey the leader in online gaming, across the country and around the world,” said Lesniak. “We could be the Silicon Valley for high-tech gaming.”

The tax for operating such a business based in New Jersey would be the same for existing operators offering online there at 15% along with any taxes payable to the country the operator supplies their products to.

New Jersey have had to lower their forecasts in tax revenues from online gambling, the initial expectation from Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey was once as high a $1 billion annually, this has now been lowered to $34 million.

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