March 27, 2014

Russia blocks online gambling firms

Russian authorities have made Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the country block online poker websites from offering their services to Russian players.

Although it was back in late 2012 that the Russian government said that ISPs should block online gambling sites it was mainly online casino sites that were blocked and not online poker, now with the latest move many in the online poker industry both players and companies are concerned about the latest developments, with Russian players making up a large portion of the online sectors players.

The Deputy Head Maxim Ksenzov said that the blocking of the online sites has occurred at the request of the prosecutor’s office based on these court decisions in 2012, why they have only just decided to get round to it now is not clear.

Of the big online operators that have now been affected they are Ladbrokes, Sportingbet, PokerStars, Betway and Unibet among many others.

PokerStars released a message to all players that had concerns about the latest blocking by Russia saying that their deposits were safe and can be withdrawn as normal, as well as saying that the company will continue to offer online poker to Russian players along with operating under several licenses issued to PokerStars in various jurisdictions and that they always abide by all relevant laws and regulations.

How if any way PokerStars and the other online operators will overcome the latest attempt by Russia to block their services is unclear at present and will continue to cover this story on any future developments.

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