April 03, 2014

Digibet asks the EC to clarify German igaming laws

German sports betting market focused operator Digibet has asked the European Court of Justice to bring clarity to the German sports betting licensing procedure. The operator has brought fourth a case concerning German licensing procedure, stating it to be cumbersome and lacking in transparency, which has in turn affected its business practices.

Digibet are concern by the slow progress, of issuing licenses for the region and the inability of the government to set corporate guidelines and best practice for the governance of the sector.

German ministers have indicated that the first batch of licenses will be set for Q4 2014, it is unknown which operators will be granted permission to market igaming services in the region. Ministers have also not given specific details with regards to implementations of new laws which may affect the sector.

Digibet hope that the European Court of Justice may add pressure to the German policy makers on the issuing of igaming policy. The Q4 target has been thought of as being optimistic given the circumstances.

German focused operators are hoping for transparency in 2014, given the sporting significance of 2014, operators in the region will be hoping for less stringent policies that have affected igaming markets in other legislated European Jurisdictions

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