October 10, 2008

Tabcorp calls for strict regulation

Australian bookmaking giant Tabcorp has called for the government to step in and stop bookmakers from offering tote services in direct competition to state-licensed totaliser organisations, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Tabcorp currently holds an exclusive licence for totaliser betting in NSW and Victoria. Tabcorp’s managing director of wagering Robert Nason warned against the government allowing a situation similar to that in the Northern Territory to develop elsewhere. "Every Northern Territory bookmaker has the capacity to offer tote product and tote services that are identical to ours at a better price. While they can do that, advertise freely, and have a presence in the market it has to damage the future of tote betting and industry returns, because the tote is the major funder of racing.” Nason called for tote betting to be restricted to tote operators, but for fixed odds betting to be deregulated.

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