February 15, 2010

United States falls behind Canada in online gambling

Quebec, home of the Kahnwawake Gaming Commission, licensor of many forms of online gambling, has recently been given the go ahead to enact online gambling. By September of 2010, citizens of Quebec will be legally entitled to enjoy online gambling.

Canada had been one of the nations that had adhered to online gambling laws more judiciously, but Loto-Quebec had been working toward opening online gambling options to the residents. Loto-Quebec already offers online sports betting, but online casino gambling is set to open to the residents.

The Bodog brand of online casino hails from Canada, though has only recently become open to players within the nation.

Despite the government legalizing expanded online gambling, some Quebecois have already been crying out against the decision. Under the pretext that online gambling could lead to damage against pathological gamblers, these opponents have been up in arms. Proponents, however, attest that online gambling is already operating, and players who wish to do so will do so regardless of the law.

Loto-Quebec has stated that the licensed online gambling sites, different from USA online gambling sites, will be easier to monitor and limit to those who have a problem - whether they choose to admit or otherwise. Weekly wager limits, self exclusion, and strict adherence to age restrictions are all to be monitored.

Though some of the more open minded legislators in the United States have been pushing for the legalization of online gambling, only moderate success has been shown so far. Over the next few weeks, it is likely that the issue will be once again brought to light.

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