May 11, 2012

Charity Boosts Bingo Players

Usually it is the hard work and effort of bingo players that helps a charity to raise important funds for worthwhile causes but in South Ealing, bingo players have been on the receiving end of some good work. This is because the bingo players who gather for games at Lindsey House have been left in the lurch by a machine that was very old. It was old that it managed to fail safety tests and had been classed as dangerous. Many of the bingo players were keen to keep on playing and just hope for the best but this is not the sort of attitude that is helpful in the long run.

However, after an appeal was made in a local newspaper, the bingo players are smiling again after a reader donated a brand new machine to ensure the bingo games go on. The machine that was being used by the players was 40 years old and causing a lot of problems. After the initial story in the local paper, the only correspondence the club received was from the local council instructing them not to use the faulty machine. This is the sort of response that councillors excel at but better news was on the way for the bingo players.

Miss Dannell of East Acton was responsible for running the games and she was determined not to let people down and it was her letter to the local Gazette that eventually sparked a reaction from the local community.

Miss Dannell, after receiving the new bingo machine, said : “We got a call from a lady who sent a brand new one to us, I think it cost her £260. I was shocked. We thought maybe someone might have a second-hand one or sent us a bit of money but I never imagined anyone would pay for a new one.”

“It’s so generous. The residents are so pleased we could start the games again. Everybody loves the new machine it’s nice and quiet – the old one was really noisy – and it’s all electronic. It’s brilliant. It just goes to show there’s some really nice people in the world. We can’t thank her enough. I never thought we’d get another machine and that was their social life out the window.”

It just goes to show that sometimes there is good in the community and bingo clubs are a great example of this.

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