November 01, 2013

Daniel Tzvetkoff seen living the good life again

Daniel Tzvetkoff the man who ran Intabill and was arrested in April 2010 for money laundering and then gave up the entire online poker industry as a super grass to avoid a 75 year jail sentence has been spotted enjoying the good life again under the witness protection program.

The fallen Australian whiz kid who set up Intabill to process money payments with online gambling companies still working in the US market after the 2006 UIGEA was charged with money laundering to the value of over $500 million, but in return from facing jail gave US authorities inside information on his former customers in return for his freedom.

Reports in the Australian Newspaper this week say that Tzvetkoff was seen recently walking along the Gold Coast beach and even posted photos of himself and his wife while hiding out for several months on another beach in southeast Asia.

Tzvetkoff was discharged earlier this year from bankruptcy thou he has never repaid any of the debt he owes including to the Australian tax office totaling $143 million.

Here is a snapshot of David Tzvetkoff’s life:

AUGUST 2001: BT Projects founded

FEBRUARY 2007: Online payment company Intabill registered

MARCH 2008: Tzvetkoff buys Hedges Avenue mansion for $28 million. Has additional property portfolio of more than $21 million

AUGUST 2008: Features on Sunday Mail Rich List worth $82 million

MARCH 2009: Buys V8 supercar team, Inta Racing

APRIL 2009: Sacks 96 staff at his Intabill office

JULY 2009: BT Projects placed in liquidation with debts of $80 million

JULY 2009: Business partner Sam Sciacca sues Tzvetkoff for $100 million

JULY 2009: Online poker house Kolyma sues for $52 million

JULY 2009: Sells partnership in Zuri nightclub

AUGUST 2009: Sells 30m superyacht Maximus

NOVEMBER 2009: Hedges Ave mansion sold for $17 million

JANUARY 2010: Files for bankruptcy

APRIL 2010: Charged by US authorities with money laundering. Faces 75 years in jail

MARCH 2011: Deal with US DOJ to enter witness protection program

OCTOBER 2013: Seen out and about in Australia and posting photos on facebook.

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