November 02, 2013

US Virgin Islands become 4th state to enter online gambling

The Virgin Islands are looking to renew their interest towards online gambling, indeed the the “Virgin Islands Internet Gaming and Internet Gambling Act” was passed way back in 2001 but never pushed by the government as a serious offering for online operators to take up.

However now that the tiny islands are struggling with an economic downturn they are now announcing they are open for business and welcome all online operators to take a look at the benefits of using the islands as their online gambling base.

“This marks a turning point in the diversification of our gaming industry from land-based casinos and racinos, to Internet gaming and gambling…The implementation of this Act will fulfill our mission of attracting very successful global Internet gaming companies to the Virgin Islands, and encourage new investments to our struggling economy,” the islands governor said.

This makes the Virgin Islands the fourth state in the US to legalise online gambling, however with a total population of some 120,000 citizens online gambling operators will not be knocking down the door to get into that market.

“The Virgin Islands is open for business and the Virgin Islands Casino Control Commission will begin to implement the act immediately,” the governor said.

Who and when the Virgin Islands will be tapped into by online gambling is unclear at this present, a gambling industry insider said that most likely a land based local operator will try and enter the market there, but with such a small population it will not interest any of the major players in the market.

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