January 07, 2010

Betfair launches first TV widget betting application

Looking to benefit from the emerging Internet-connected TV platform, online betting exchange Betfair has launched the first betting application for TV’s running the Yahoo! TV Widget Engine, an applications platform which allows users to interact with Internet content and services that compliment and enhance the traditional TV viewing experience.

Betfair has created a specialist interactive TV team to lead innovation of this TV technology. The Yahoo! Widget Engine is based on the popular Konfabulator widget platform for the PC, which has been re-engineered specifically for consumer electronics devices.

“TVs are the centre of home entertainment and live sport on TV drives our business,” said Simon Miller, CEO Betfair TV Ltd. “The way people interact with their televisions is changing. Our investment in this exciting new platform ensures that Betfair is an integral part of the future of Internet-connected TV.”

According to industry analysts Futuresource Consulting, 20% of flat panel TVs shipped in Europe this year will have Internet capability with the installed base of connected TVs increasing to 15 million devices by the end of 2010, representing nearly 10% of the total number of flat panel TVs in use.

“Yahoo! is the trusted partner for publishers who want to take advantage of our global distribution channels and advancements in building a worldwide developer ecosystem for publishing and distributing new and innovative TV Widgets,” said Arlo Rose, Senior Director of Product Management and Design, Yahoo! Connected TV. "In those countries that allow it, the Betfair TV Widget provides sports enthusiasts with an online entertainment experience to enhance their sports television watching.”

Betfair will be demonstrating its football betting application at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which begins today at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

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