January 20, 2010

Mexico’s transformation in the world of gambling

he gambling industry that can be found in today’s Mexico can be taken as no indicator of how the industry developed in the South American country. The history of gambling in Mexico has seen many ups and downs.

In 1935 when the country’s president, Lazaro Cardenas, came into power, the gambling industry came to a screeching halt. Mexican gambling law continued to tighten until the industry was almost completely killed off. In recent history, laws began to slacken once again, letting the nation’s citizen once again enjoy one of their favorite pastimes.

After years of oppression over gambling, it was obvious that new liberality in the industry would lead to an economic boom. Such was the case and Mexicans today can gamble in any way that they wish including casino gambling, poker, bingo, and sportsbetting.

Much of the Mexican gambling industry is supported by foreigners and tourist in the country. Casinos are common in popular tourist destinations and around the United States border. This foreign play is also common when it comes to internet gambling in Mexico.

As of 2002, the government has issued several licenses for online casinos in Mexico. The interesting thing about these Mexican online casinos is that they cannot be accessed by the Mexicans. These casinos exist purely for the satisfaction of foreign nationals, while the government makes a solid revenue through licensing fees and taxes.

Mexicans who would like to gamble from home must play from foreign sites, many of which are available even in Spanish. As punters can see, the evolution of the gambling industry has been tempestuous, but at this point nationals can gamble however they wish. Taxes provide the government with a constant source of revenue and everyone is happy.

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