January 20, 2010

Online casino to send winners to India for charity

An online casino called Slots Galore is running an online competition which will send the winner flying off to India to participate in a massive charity event, working to help improve the quality rural schools across the country. The Rickshaw Slots Contest is being held in conjunction with Gaming Zion. The event will run from February 01 to April 30. Participation is free, and no purchase is required to win.

The tournament winner will be awarded with two round-trip tickets to Chennai, India, along with two tickets to enter the 2010 Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge. The Rickshaw Challenge is a motor rally which sees participants tour around the Indian subcontinent in autorickshaws, which are small three-wheeled motorized vehicles. The event takes place over two weeks, and winners of the Rickshaw Slots Contest will be provided with hotel accommodation during the whole rally.

Charity is a major focus of this event. The organizers of the Rickshaw Challenge have teamed up with Round Table India, a charity organization which has been operating in India since 1927. One of the primary goals of the organization is to encourage “Freedom through Education”, and to accomplish this, they organize the building of new schools in areas where they are needed most. They also work to provide of infrastructure and educational materials to existing schools in rural areas across India.

Participants in the Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge are encouraged to take part in local Round Table India projects by making donations to help build new schools and recruit quality teachers. Teams can also help by distributing supplies to existing schools.

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